What is the Avofun Europe project?

AVOFUN Europe starts in 2019, composed of leading companies in the fruit and vegetable sector integrated in a unique business model.


E urobanan, leader in Spain and Portugal in the production, ripening, distribution and marketing of fruit and vegetables for more than 25 years, belonging to the multinational Dole Plc, participates in the Avofun project through its partner in Andalusia, Frutas Faustino SL. Faustino SL.


Experts in crop management with more than 30 years of experience in the sector.


International Biotechnology Center specialized in analytics, testing and technology management in agricultural, food and environmental areas.

Project partners:

“The union of several companies that have been benchmarks for more than 30 years sharing the same vision”.


Our Mission

To provide our customers with unique avocados, in all possible formats, under strict quality standards and respect for the environment.

Our Values

  • Technology: We incorporate the latest advances in agricultural management: production, harvesting and logistics, with exhaustive laboratory controls to ensure maximum food safety and quality.
  • Sustainability: We take into account the most environmentally friendly processes and practices throughout the value chain.
  • Quality: Our goal is always that the resulting product is excellent in all its aspects and is perceived as such by the customer.
  • Specialization: We specialize only in avocado, in order to dedicate the greatest possible efforts in each of our units that reach the market.
  • Experience: We have the greatest specialists in the field of production, cultivation, distribution and commercialization of agricultural products with activity for more than 25 years.

Our Vision

To become the leading company in the commercialization of avocados by valuing our own brand.


To offer the best product grown in Southern Europe.
Respect the environment by offering a 100% sustainable product.
Employ the latest technologies in the agricultural sector and implement the most efficient logistics and distribution practices.

Where are our avocados grown?


Our fields

Our fields in 360º.