Production processes:

recolección sostenible de aguacate

What is our production process like?


Highly efficient irrigation and nutrition systems (hydraulic infrastructure, humidity and nutritional probes, weather stations) Photovoltaic installation (90% self-consumption).


40% energy used for irrigation provided by gravity by Comunidad de Regantes de Andévalo-Giadiana. High precision localized irrigation network


Our crops include native flora (Quercusilexcentenarians) Perimeter areas as reservoirs for auxiliary fauna (bees, birds and other game species) Cultivation practices do not have a negative impact on surrounding species.

We usestate-of-the-art agricultural technologies to be more efficient, sustainable and provide the product with the highest quality standards.

The technologies we use for our product

Crop Nutritional Monitoring® (CNM)
Exhaustive control of the plant’s needs at each moment of the crop cycle, adapting water and nutrient inputs to these requirements. Optimization of natural resource management (water, soil, plant). This system provides great cost savings, environmentally sustainable production and results in a high quality product.

What does it mean?


Our way of working defines us

On the ground:

Evaluation of agricultural soil through geographical maps at different depths. (Essential to maximize the potential of the project). Some of the parameters we measure:
– Soil texture.
– Depth of the cultivable layer.
– Risk of compaction.
– Salinity, pH, organic matter.
– Nutrients (12 maps).
– Presence of toxic elements.
– Amendment maps.
– Pathogens …
Irrigation: Infrastructure and Control
Irrigation system auditing based on water quality, geographic soil mapping and site-specific water demand information.
-Generation of sectorized irrigation maps based on soil depth and type.
-Evaluation of the irrigation system based on its capacity and flexibility to provide nutrients and volume required for each sector and crop.
-Water quality analysis: corrective proposals to eliminate problems of pH, salinization, sodification, strong presence of metal, chloride ion, …
-Meteorological stations that serve for sprinkler irrigation systems to operate in adverse weather conditions.
Installation and Cultivation:
-Complete evaluation from the beginning in the plant nursery.
-Feasibility study to determine best practices -Evaluation of plant type, varieties and nursery status.
-Establishment of planting seasons according to the climatic study -Design of number of plants / ha depending on soil type, irrigation, climatic conditions and variety.
-Soil preparation prior to planting: amendments, disinfection, row design, mulching, etc.
-Evaluation of productive potentials according to the cultivation strategy adopted.
Green Motion” varietal development programs in collaboration with the University of California Riverside (UCR).
International platform for leading avocado companies to accelerate plant innovation from science to market.
– To lead the avocado industry into the future by expanding the varieties and rootstocks available to growers worldwide, helping to create a more diversified and sustainable marketplace, and facilitating access to the elite avocado germplasm collection at the University of California Riverside (UCR).
-Breeding of Sciony Rostock varieties.

The partners that make up the project operate under the following certifications and strict quality standards