A unique avocado, grown in southern Europe

Avofun Europe is a project made up of different specialized partners, which jointly develops, grows, markets and distributes a unique, sustainable avocado of the highest quality, cultivated in southern Europe.

Efficient Cultivation

Our avocado is grown through highly efficient irrigation and nutrition systems (hydraulic infrastructure, humidity and nutritional probes, meteorological stations), photovoltaic installation (90% self-consumption).

Water Consumption

Forty percent of the irrigation is by gravity (from the “Andévalo-Guadiana” Irrigation Community), including a high precision localized irrigation network. All of this means that their water consumption is contained.

Maintaining Biodiversity

In our crops there is native flora (Quercus Ilex and Pinus Pinea centenarians) segmented in perimeter areas and as reservoirs of auxiliary fauna (bees, birds and other game species), all of which means that cultivation practices do not have a negative influence on species of the environment.


distance from our fields to the sea, thus ensuring mild temperatures in our crops throughout the year. This is one of the advantages of the privileged environment of our crops.



from the harvesting of our avocados to their sale. We are strategically located, so that we are very close to the market.



of avocado trees and 48 hectares of century-old pines and oaks that we have in our plantations.


of experience, counting on the greatest specialists in the field of production, cultivation, distribution and commercialization of agricultural products, who are partners of Avofun Europe.

Quality and Sustainability

We focus on the HASS avocado variety grown in Spain under strict quality and sustainability standards.

Produced in-house and locally, we offer a unique flavor for all kinds of culinary uses.

A unique avocado in a unique business model



We harvest the fruit at its optimum point of ripeness, something that is noticeable in its flavor. This proximity allows us to minimize our carbon footprint, which also contributes to respect for the environment.


Our own production allows us to have absolute control to achieve, always and homogeneously, the highest quality. In addition, quality is assured through all our certificates.


We incorporate the latest advances in agricultural management: production, harvesting, laboratory controls to ensure food safety and logistics processes.